Why Palin’s Biggest Presidential Hurdle May Be Her Staff Issues

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Article by  4/28/10 at 3:00 PM

“Sarah Palin has not made a decision as to whether she’ll run for president next year — a run is still definitely on the table among her closest advisers. But, problematic poll numbers aside, Palin’s biggest hurdle may be her lack of any professional communications staff and her history of fractious staff relations…” read the rest of the article here

This article is pretty interesting on the persona of Sarah Palin.  According to, Palin’s lack of professional communications staff is hurting her PR image – that she needs a higher-level staff that understand campaigning.  The article went on to blame her staff issues on the fact that she is not a conventional politician.

I don’t agree.

Whether Palin is unconventional or not really doesn’t have anything to do with her PR image per se – nor does it have anything to do with hiring professional or unprofessional staff.  PR in its most basic and rudimentary form boils down to good ol’ fashioned manners.  The highest-level communications pros understand this to a tee.

Whether you are mainstream or a maverick, you don’t always have to be “politically correct”… but “socially correct” does make a difference in your image.

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