The Sports and Physical Therapy Center Team Enhances Qualifications in 2011

Licensed Missouri Physical Therapists at the Sports and Physical Therapy Center Expand Expertise With Advanced Training, Certification and Techniques

EUREKA, Mo.,– The licensed Missouri physical therapists at the Sports and Physical Therapy Center in Eureka share a common goal: furthering their knowledge, skills and education for the benefit of their patients. In 2011, the team completed more than 85 hours of continuing education courses. This training enabled them to incorporate a number of new treatments within the practice and attain advanced certification.

Practitioners in the physical therapy field have an educational background in anatomy, physiology, biology, biomechanics and other key topics. All physical therapists are required to complete a graduate-level degree (master’s or higher), and must pass the National Physical Therapy Exam (NPTE) before they are eligible to practice. In Missouri, physical therapists are expected to meet additional standards to achieve state licensure. After doing so, licensed Missouri physical therapists must then complete a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education every two years.

At the Sports and Physical Therapy Center, team members routinely surpass their state-mandated minimum training requirements in an effort to bring a higher level of expertise to the clinic. Physical Therapist Jennifer Steffee  studied Kinesio Taping® techniques and functional muscle electrical stimulation for nerve grafting.

As a result of this training, the Sports and Physical Therapy Center staff was able to introduce a number of new treatment methodologies at the Eureka-based physical therapy practice, including Kinesio Taping for increased muscle activation, postural education and edema reduction. Quinn also notes that the center’s patients have experienced improvements in many different areas over the past year.
“The three most common conditions we see at the Sports and Physical Therapy Center relate to back, shoulder and knee issues,” remarked Quinn. “However, we’ve achieved substantial progress in each of these areas. The percentage improvement for these body parts is 95% for shoulders, 97% for backs and 98% for knees. In every case, all of our patients have returned to the same level of function they had prior to their injury or better. That’s why the Sports and Physical Therapy Center has earned a reputation for highly qualified physical therapists and proven physical therapy results.”

Quinn and his team offer a wide range of services. They work with patients who have suffered an injury or severe illness, those recuperating from surgery and individuals seeking relief from chronic pain. The clinic’s physical therapists also provide strength and conditioning programs to athletes and others looking to improve their overall health and fitness. While patients will need to obtain a physical therapy prescription from their physician prior to seeing a physical therapist, most will find their treatments are covered by their healthcare insurance.

To learn more about the Sports and Physical Therapy Center in Eureka, or to schedule an appointment, visit or call  636-938-4065 .

About the Sports and Physical Therapy Center
Located in Eureka, Missouri, the Sports and Physical Therapy Center was founded in 2004 and serves patients in the greater St. Louis area. Owner Sean Quinn is a licensed Physical Therapist in Missouri as well as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He holds a master’s degree in Physical Therapy from St. Louis University, and specializes in manual therapy techniques, orthopedics and sports medicine. Quinn worked in outpatient physical therapy clinics for several years before establishing his own practice. Today, the center employs a team of highly skilled physical therapists and a personal trainer, as well as dedicated finance, customer care and administrative staff. For more information, visit or call  636-938-4065 .


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