The Sports and Physical Therapy Center Launches “It’s Your Choice” Campaign to Educate Patients on Their Healthcare Choices and Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Center

Missouri Physical Therapy Clinic Commits to Helping Patients Make Informed Healthcare Decisions Through Educational Materials and Seminars

(EUREKA, Mo.,) – The Sports and Physical Therapy Center in Eureka, Missouri, is empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their healthcare with a new educational campaign: “It’s Your Choice.” The campaign is designed to inform patients that they may work with any healthcare provider of their choosing, even if a specific practitioner is listed on their prescription. The clinic is undertaking this initiative to help patients understand their rights, since Missouri law currently does not allow direct access to physical therapy. Key elements of the campaign include literature outlining patients’ rights, as well as informational seminars, which will be open to the public and held at the clinic’s location at 322 North Central Ave. in Eureka.

In certain states, including Missouri, and under many insurance plans, primary care physicians serve in a gatekeeper role. When patients need specialized care, their doctor will provide a prescription or referral for those services – whether it’s seeing a heart specialist, getting an MRI or mammogram, or undergoing physical therapy treatment. For example, a patient may receive a physical therapy referral if they are recovering from an accident, injury, surgery, or major illness; if they are experiencing chronic pain or limited mobility; or if they are looking to build strength and flexibility, and minimize the risk of future injury.

Once the physician determines the best course of treatment, he or she will write a prescription for those services. Some doctors leave it to the patient to select a healthcare provider, based on which practitioners are in-network and have hours and/or locations that are convenient for the patient. Others may direct patients to see a particular specialist or practice; they might have a partnership with the recommended provider, or may even have a financial interest in the practice or clinic. However, patients are not obligated to use the facility or practitioner recommended by their doctor. In all cases, it is always a patient’s choice.

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  • 21 September 2012

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