Strategic Communications Plan

strategyHave you ever wondered how businesses manage to redeem themselves after a public catastrophe? Or how a relative unknown can skyrocket to being a household name in a short period of time?

It’s all part of what we like to call a Strategic Communications Plan – and the best part about it? With the help of an experienced professional, it’s an achievable for feat for any business.

Read on to learn how an effective PR strategy can transform even the most novel business into a publicity pioneer.


At the end of the first quarter of 2013, the economic outlook for the year looked bleak – a tough pill to swallow for the many businesses looking to grow. But there is an edge that helps businesses stand out from their competition in a sluggish economy. A strong Public Relations campaign is an essential component of any a high level strategy to drive brand awareness and company growth. A Strategic Communications Plan is a PR’s goal – it takes all the PR activities and it lays them out on the basis of achieving a much defined goal. At JoTo PR, we use strategy in PR to tell us a client’s goals:

  • Where do you want to be in the court of public opinion within a year?
  • What are your revenue projections?
  • What are your sales goals?

These are things we have to know in order for PR to help you get there. Why? It’s your relations with your public. Every company is different and every target market is different. That’s why your PR strategy must be centered on your business goals.

A crucial component of PR planning starts with marketing research. In marketing research, we can find out what your target market needs and wants. Once we have that information, we develop a strategy for you to help you reach your goals. But that strategy is an ever-evolving process throughout the campaign – as a company’s goal changes, the strategy is then tweaked to better align with those new goals.

The problem with many ineffective PR campaigns is that they rely solely on traditional PR tactics rather than utilizing a modernized approach. Today, the world has gone digital – your target audience is consuming their news and researching their potential purchases via online sites, social media, blogs and the like. PR in the 21st century is all about cultivating and maintaining direct relationships that allow your company’s news to be shared on a regular basis via several outlets.

JoTo manages our clients’ PR campaigns by results. Through statistical analysis, we can have the foresight to know if your PR strategy is working, if it needs tweaking or it needs changing or if we’ve hit the mark. Our specialty is not only understanding the application of the core principles of PR, but our business backgrounds enables us to create PR strategies that get results for your business.

Case in Point

Problem: JoTo client, Novus Medical Detox, had been in business seven years, but they were still having trouble being recognized as a brand within their industry and were unable to differentiate themselves from their competitors, despite spending thousands of dollars in traditional and search engine marketing. Novus wanted to make the money they needed to in order to increase their facility to 30 beds and eventually move towards adding another facility. But in the current state of affairs, they were not able to reach that expansion via marketing alone.

Results: In 15 months’ time, JoTo PR obtained nearly 750,000 media impressions for Novus online. In addition, JoTo PR secured 30 media placements (TV news segments, print articles, Radio interviews) for Novus in such publications/shows as the Tampa Business Journal, Gulf Coast Business Review, Miami Herald, Bay News 9, Channel 10 WTSP and other industry outlets.

Through JoTo PR’s strategic communications plan, Novus realized an 18% higher ROI from their marketing dollars (including SEO), doubled the amount of visitors to their website by 100% (4000 to 8000 per week) and they are more than doubling the number of beds to their facility (30 beds) reaching one of their major targets. The only variable changed was adding publicity to their marketing campaign.

If you’re consistently adhering to an on-target PR strategy through the life of your campaign, you will reach your organizational goals year, after year, after year.

Contact JoTo PR today to discuss a PR strategy that will breathe new life into your company name.

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