Social Media PR: Boston Marathon & Twitter

BH6vVVWCIAIK4Q7Social media PR has become the immediate avenue for spreading breaking news like wildfire.

The Boston Marathon Bombing was one of the most unexpected and terrifying events in recent history – but with the help of social media platforms such as Twitter, Americans were prevented from further harm and also received a play-by-play of the subsequent manhunt for the perpetrators.

After the Boston Marathon Bombing, Americans were made aware of where the bombings occurred, who the suspects were and locals also were informed that they were to remain inside their homes during the manhunt via Twitter.

Twitter has served as a milestone for reporting and journalism – the rush to be first is more intense than ever and the public relies (almost blindly so) on social media for much of its information.

bostonPoliceTweetBut as discussed in a previous JoTo Mojo, social media can take a wrong turn without the help of good PR: Bank of America felt the fallout after its social media flop left the public questioning the validity of the bank’s inept Twitter posts. One wrong move put BofA in dire need of strong help with crisis management.

Strategic PR campaigns are designed to bridge the gap between PR and social media, uniting the two in a cohesive and effective team effort. In today’s technologically advanced world, intertwining social media into a PR campaign is no longer an option – it’s a must.

Moral lesson: Broadcast, once considered lightening fast is no longer. Social Media News and Social Media PR is a new tool for reporting on and handling Crisis Management PR.  Companies looking to handle crisis PR, should hire PR firms that incorporate this into their strategy.

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