Smartphone users say, “Privacy Please!” – How Marketing Research Gives You Vital Information

Mobile-SecurityA case for marketing research: What you think you may know about your consumers can be drastically different than what they really want from a company or product like yours.

Do you have an app company? Do you want to address the needs and concerns of the public? Well – it’s not the features that concern the public. Apparently what mobile app users care most importantly about is security:

  • Many smartphone users are more concerned about mobile privacy than a phone’s brand, screen size, weight or camera resolution;
  • Nearly 8 in 10 smartphone users won’t download an app they don’t trust; and
  • Although the majority of those surveyed don’t like the concept of tracking, nearly a third of smartphone users are still unaware it even happens (1).

This is a cultural phenomenon, meaning even the IT industry is battling trust issues.  This is where public relations as a tool comes in handy. In order to have a strategy that gets marketing penetration and sales volume, you need to know what the mindset is of your target consumers. So it’s in your company’s best interest to find out what the mindset is of your consumers and clients before starting a PR campaign – and the way you do that is with marketing research.
Marketing research is the key to obtaining vital information – information that, if not obtained, could cost you tens, hundreds or thousands of dollars – maybe even millions. For example, there was a manufacturing company – they spent a lot of money on their marketing campaign. And what they thought that what their target market was interested in was that their products were “green” and environmentally sound. Their sales tanked. So when JoTo came into help, we did market research. And we found out their target market didn’t care a thing about being green. All they wanted was a durable product that was long-lasting and economical. Those were the three buttons. We used that in an online PR campaign because this is where the consumer for that customer searched for products and services. These articles, we got in online news outlets and we used the buttons. It’s durable, long-lasting and economical. They were also able to use the same buttons in their marketing campaign. And since then, their sales have taken off and they’re selling more than they ever have before.

The bottom line is if you don’t have marketing research, you won’t know what your target market needs, wants, likes or what they respond to. You don’t have to make that mistake.

Marketing research is a key factor in how JoTo PR is able to continue bringing stellar results.

  1. “Many Consumers Are More Concerned About Mobile Privacy.” N.p., 9 Sept. 2013. Web. 18 Sept. 2013.

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