Public Relations Basics: Professional Writing and Editing

Great-PR-Writing2PR writing is a powerful tool.

You have a vision and a message, products and services that you need to make known.  The skill of PR writing is being able to take your message and matching it to what your target markets need and desire.

Remember, the whole purpose of PR is to get you more business.  You do this by making people more interested and comfortable in doing business with you.

Professional writing and editing accomplishes that because you’re actually getting them to decide on their own terms that they like you, not being told that they should like you, and not being bragged about that you’re great.

But through certain writing skills, a person can actually understand this on their own and then they’re more likely to reach for you.

We understand PR writing for business.  Take for example the press release.  The press release has been around over a hundred years.  The purpose of it was to give information to the media that was factual during a time when the media was sensational and liked to use a lot of exaggeration.  Media actually stands for intermediary.  A press release was a tool given to a journalist to be able to communicate your story that then, could get communicated to a target market.

The trick and the real skill in PR writing here is that we not only have to write on the format and the style and the jargon of how journalists would like to receive that information, but we also have to write for the target markets’ needs and wants. We also learn your message and we learn your voice and we coach you in how to take your message and tailor it to the needs of your target market.  It’s a highly-developed skill.

A common mistake that people can make when they’re writing their own releases is not only not understanding the style and the format and the wording that journalists need, but they’re so introverted in thinking about what they want the target market to know about them that they completely miss the mark on what the target market needs and wants to hear from them.

First rate PR writers and editors understand that they need to write for your target market, but they also need to write for the media that are the gatekeepers to your target market so you get more exposure.  The reason we get results in PR is because we know what the media wants.  We know their style.  We know their format.  We know what they’re willing to listen to.  We know what they’re willing to write about or produce.   But we also know, through marketing intelligence, what your target market needs to hear in order to feel safe to buy from you.

In this new economy, you’re battling for the consumer’s mind. The only way you’re going to be able to change their mind is if you’re able to resonate with them along with their reality so that they will listen to what you have to say.  You’re not changing your mind; you’re changing theirs.  And a good PR writer knows that skill.  That’s why we get results.

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