#PRWin: Pitbull and Dodge Slam-dunk PR Campaign

pitbull-dodge-dartDodge is one company that recognizes America’s changing demographic – long gone are the days of only catering to one segment of a company’s audience. With the help of rapper Pitbull, Dodge has succeeded in reaching its new target: a multicultural market.

Rapper Pitbull was chosen as the face of Dodge’s newest PR campaign – the commercials highlight the similarities between the effort behind Pitbull’s music and the hard work that comes with constructing a car that stands out from all others, where both paths intersect and merge in triumph. They were also produced in both English and Spanish, adding a multicultural element to the campaign.

Dodge did well to recognize that Pitbull encompasses a cross-cultural market.  By engaging his audience, Dodge gains the attention of much of its target market. Because the automotive market is so competitive, companies must find innovative ways to set themselves apart from the rest. Dodge’s campaign was designed to target millennials, or those born between the late 1980s and the early 2000s – this segment of the target market is what is driving the sales of compact cars such as Dodge’s newest vehicle, the Dodge Dart. Not only does Pitbull help Dodge connect with its diverse audience, but he serves as an attraction to the young consumers that Dodge is seeking.

JoTo Verdict: Pitbull is one of few entertainers who have managed to avoid negative publicity while in the limelight, making him a smart choice for this unique public relations campaign. Thumbs up, Dodge!

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