Professional Therapy Associates Findings Show Physical Therapy Is Not Just for Rehabilitation

Analysis of Professional Therapy Associates Patients Reveals 50/50 Split Between Physical Therapy Treatment for Rehab vs. Chronic Pain and Other Conditions

(KALISPELL, MT.) – While many people associate physical therapy solely with injury rehabilitation, Professional Therapy Associates analyzed its physical therapy services to determine the percentage of patients undergoing rehabilitative therapy versus other forms of treatment. The Montana physical therapy practice found that approximately half of its patients are receiving treatment for injury, illness or post-surgery rehab, while the remaining half are using physical therapy to address a variety of other conditions or attain health and fitness goals.

“Physical therapy is widely recognized for its effectiveness in helping patients recover and regain full mobility after an injury, severe illness or surgery. However, it’s a common misconception that physical therapy is only used for rehabilitative purposes – statistically, one in two patients visit us for reasons other than rehab,” said Blaine Stimac, owner and CEO of Professional Therapy Associates. “Our physical therapists are experts at rehab therapy, but they also treat patients for conditions ranging from chronic pain, arthritis and repetitive strain to headaches, sleep problems and balance issues. They also provide strength, flexibility and endurance training to athletes and individuals looking to improve their overall health and fitness.”

Physical therapists undergo extensive training in biomechanics and the musculoskeletal system, which is why they are qualified to help patients increase mobility, alleviate pain and improve fitness. Stimac elaborated on some of the physical therapy services his team provides beyond injury and surgery rehabilitation:
• Back Pain – “Many people immediately think of chiropractors when they have back pain, but physical therapy can effectively treat back pain as well as pain in adjacent areas, such as the neck, shoulders and hips,” explained Stimac. “Some people find that their back pain returns even after being treated by a chiropractor. This often happens when a chiropractor is correcting the issuing but not providing the necessary stabilization. This is where a physical therapist can help.”

• Arthritis – Stimac notes that individuals with arthritis often have stiff joints because they avoid movements that may exacerbate their pain. However, by not moving or exercising those joints, arthritis sufferers often find the pain and stiffness only get worse. Physical therapists can teach patients exercises that will minimize pain and stiffness, and strengthen muscles that support the joints.

• Desk Pain – Professionals who work with computers or at a desk often suffer from a host issues as a result of sitting for hours in a fixed position and performing repetitive movements. Physical therapy can assist with many different types of work-related pain – from back pain and neck stiffness to headaches and repetitive stress injuries. Not only will physical therapists help to ease patients’ pain, but they will also demonstrate how to avoid related problems in the future.

• Sleep-Related Issues – According to Stimac, many individuals experience fatigue or have difficulty sleeping as a result of chronic pain. Conversely, there are others who may sleep well but in awkward positions that cause neck and shoulder pain during their waking hours. He explains that physical therapists are skilled in determining the cause of such conditions, and can provide treatments, exercises and advice that will help resolve the issue.

“When patients come to us with chronic pain or other complaints, we’ll identify the underlying cause, alleviate their pain or discomfort, and show them how to fix whatever is creating the problem in the first place,” said Stimac. “I would encourage anyone experiencing pain, stiffness or limited mobility to schedule a physical therapy evaluation. Montana residents can request a free consultation at any of our four Flathead Valley physical therapy clinics if they’d like to learn more about our treatments and explore whether physical therapy is the right choice for them.”

For additional information on Professional Therapy Associates – including details on its rehabilitative treatments and other physical therapy services, as well as contact information for its clinics in North Kalispell, Downtown Kalispell, Whitefish and Columbia Falls – please visit

About Professional Therapy Associates and Blaine Stimac
Professional Therapy Associates (PTA) is an established provider of physical therapy in Montana. Founded in Kalispell in 1988, the practice has expanded to include four convenient locations throughout Flathead Valley. In addition to its flagship Kalispell North facility, PTA also has clinics in Downtown Kalispell (Flathead Health and Fitness), Whitefish (The Wave) and Columbia Falls (Columbia Falls Clinic). Owner and CEO Blaine Stimac is a licensed Physical Therapist in Montana, and holds a Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Montana. He and his team offer a full range of services, including manual physical therapy, sports medicine, therapeutic exercise and biofeedback, as well as treatment for back and neck injuries, motor vehicle injuries and work-related injuries. For more information, visit


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