Proactive PR Key to Changing Reputation

proactive-prProactive PR is worth its weight in gold.

For the past decade, the Harris Poll has measured the percentage of Americans who perceive 19 large industries as “generally honest and trustworthy.” This year, this perception has dropped for 18 of the 19 industries, as overall U.S. adults seem to have lost trust in most of corporate America (1). But the reality is that these industries have little to no (or bad) PR.

To become an industry leader and create a positive reputation, you must be persistent with your message and maintain longevity so that you can build a public persona.

This is called proactive PR and by doing so, you are giving people reasons to contact you when they need your products and services because you are showing them not only that you are expert, but you are showing them that you provide the solution that they are looking for.

The end result is more people more comfortable in doing business with you – which directly correlates to your bottom line.
PR is all about changing minds and forming opinions – two necessary aspects of a company’s success.  But the key to successful PR is understanding that the old adage “any publicity is good publicity” is wrong. Bad publicity can create a big black hole from which you have to dig your way out.

JoTo PR specializes in the healthcare, finance and IT industries – all of which are prone to eliciting questionable reviews from consumers. Our experience ranges from handling some of the nastiest crisis-management PR slander and libel suits to developing strategic communications plans that can take a virtually unknown company and give it rock star status within its industry.

For more information about how JoTo can render your business a leader within its industry, contact us.

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