PR Tip of the Week: Key Influencer Market Research – Why you should do it

marketResearchKey influencer market research is the foundation to building a resilient business – whether a start up or a going concern.

Congratulations! You’ve embarked on a new business and you think you’ve covered all of the basics – you have a solid website design, well-written content, and a clear plan for marketing your products. But…now what? You need to get the word out on your product, service or brand. Many businesses rely on occasional emails, business cards or choose to drain their budget with advertisements – but the most proactive companies take advantage of the gravy train we refer to as key influencers, or those people who already have the attention of your target market. Key influencer marketing research is the foundation to building a resilient business.

What is the importance of market research?

Market Research (MR) finds a strategy that opens the door to market penetration and sales volume necessitates insightful marketing research and intelligence. This means that the importance of market research is that it is an integral part of creating a PR strategic communications plan.

Unless you assume the viewpoint of the consumer/target market, etc., people won’t like your company or your product and won’t believe anything you say about it. But not only should your cater to the needs and wants of consumers, you must also target those “key influencers” within your industry – those are the people with the big bucks and power to either say endorse or veto your product or service.

marketing-researchWhy should you target your market research?

Unless you know who your market is and how/where to find out more about them, market research is not only a guessing game, but a waste of time, energy and resources.

Ask yourself: What is unique about my product or company? Who do I want to sell it to? If you can’t answer those questions, take a step back and determine which way you want your business to go – if you can’t vouch for your own company, don’t expect anyone else to do it for you.

But how do you target the key influencers in your industry?

Step 1: Define your influencers. Who are they and why? Many business owners fall believe that their products or services are for everyone— that is, anyone would be interested in or need the products. But even if your business appeals to a broad market of diverse consumers, you need to identify your industry leaders because they are who influences your potential customers.

Step 2: Flush out the details. Find out what is important to them and how it pertains to your business. Get familiar with their work via their website, blog posts, etc. Use the data you find to help you cater your business efforts.

Step 3: Reach out. Begin with an email (or their preferred method of contact, if noted) – phone calls can be a bit invasive when there are no prior boundaries established. Follow them on Twitter/Facebook and be active in conversing via social media.

Step 4: Cultivate. Once you’ve made contact, you then need to establish a relationship – follow up with emails, phone calls, etc. Find out what is needed and wanted from them, work with them and develop a relationship.  The relationship will build into who you are and what you offer.  When the time is right, you can offer a free product in exchange for a review or request an advertisement on your behalf.  The possibilities are endless.  Interested in learning more about key influencers and what they can do to help your brand?

Contact JoTo PR today- our marketing research services find out who your Key Influencers are and discover what they would want to be a brand ambassador for your company – it could be consumer advocates to government officials.

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~Karla Jo Helms

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