PR & Marketing Research = No Hunches

Flying blind is never a good idea – especially in today’s New Economy.

JOTO_CHART_091820122-300x231PR is a precision technology. And PR’s relationship to marketing is also very technical. This makes marketing research a very integral part of creating result-driven campaigns.

A PR professional that knows their job doesn’t rely on hunches. She knows to find out what your particular target segments think about your industry, your product, and what they already think of you in order to precisely measure the entry point for your PR campaign. After all, you hired a PR to help you properly influence the minds of your target segments in order to get them thinking the way that you need them to.

Companies Battling for Consumers’ Minds

consumers mindIf you have a target segment that is very skeptical (insert any emotion here – cynical, antagonistic, disinterested, etc.) about a certain subject, product, service or industry and you try launching a marketing campaign in the midst of this emotional barrier, you might as well throw just your money away.

Obtaining marketing intelligence is vital before you begin any campaign. If you don’t do your market research first, you may never know how to deal with specific attitudes and feelings. Companies that don’t prime their PR campaign properly, unfortunately go through the long painful trial-and-error process that they could have avoided by doing market research.

Without marketing research you are fighting an uphill battle – getting the real data beforehand eliminates the guessing game and it is a very important part of getting the best return on investment for your PR and marketing dollars.

Real Life Marketing Research in Action

One of our clients has a financial planning practice that services a very specific group of healthcare professionals. He was having trouble getting his marketing message across. In the market research we found out exactly why, as well as what they wanted in a financial planner. We nailed their likes and dislikes to a ‘T’, down to what the financial planner should walk, talk and act like to appear credible. Then we launched his PR campaign, using that intelligence, before his marketing materials hit. Articles and press told his story to this group of practitioners before they were ever offered a practice analysis.

The results? Precision. This being his second financial planning practice, he exceeded the entire ten-year growth of his first practice in just one year! That is the power of PR backed by precision marketing research.

Marketing Research > PR > Marketing > Sales

A true PR professional knows specific information needs to be gathered through marketing research instruments so he can design a PR campaign that pushes the right emotional buttons of your target audience that will get you noticed.

The beauty of it is that the information is used throughout your organization to resonate with your clients and prospective clients: PR uses it to gain credibility first, then marketing uses it to create sales messages that elicit response, then sales uses it to get faster closes and your delivery teams can use it to maintain customer retention.

I cannot imagine doing PR any other way. Neither should you.
Here’s to your success,

Karla Jo Helms


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