JoTo Out: Royal Dutch Shell spends to build its PR image as the “caring” oil company

northsea1-300x200.jpgIn baseball, all it takes is three strikes and you are out. Unfortunately we don’t have such rules in real life because then we (the people of earth) would not be suffering from some of the corporate destruction that goes unvilified in the name of profits. We have all seen the vast spending (literally billions of dollars) that a company like Royal Dutch Shell spends to build its PR image as the “caring” oil company as if there could be such a thing.

But we want to believe. Don’t we?

Shell cares about one thing and one thing only – its bottom-line. I have nothing against making money and making big profits, but at what cost? From shocking human rights abuses in Nigeria to a long history of egregious environmental violations in the United Kingdom and around the world, Shell’s track record suggests that it will stop at nothing to feed its profits. Money cannot buy good press if you are committing crimes against humanity.

So in this PR’s mind – Shell is out. Read the headline: Finding the Truth behind Shell’s Public Relations Campaign for Arctic Drilling

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