JoTo Opines: Jessica PR

We live in a very incredible time. It is full of opportunity to communicate on a number of levels from social media to blogging and journaling, etc.  For the first time we have the ability to drill down to the exact customers we want and reach them with our message. The benefit of these tools is that they are available to everyone. The danger of these tools is that they are available to everyone. And therein lies the rub. We get into a communication frenzy with so many messages barraging us every day.  Life has become a virtual information explosion of nuclear proportions.

So how can you cut through all this clutter? How can your message rise to the top? There is one simple answer – be genuine, be real. By this I don’t mean say you are being real, without walking the walk. Saying you are real is the first clue that you are not. Reality exists, your presence exists – you and your business are as real as you act and deliver. Deliver your product or service with integrity and you don’t have to shout your story, but you can learn to get others to shout it for you. Just like Jessica did when she got over 8 million viewers to tell her story by inspiring them all!

Tell your story with grace…

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