JoTo MoJo: February’s Fav Vid Diddies

Woody’s Land

We are in the throes of new political season. Welcome to 2012, it should be a most interesting year and I thought what better way to start off this year is with Woody Guthrie and his indelible song – This Land Is Your Land.

One Happy Dog

Just found a site that has the coolest pet videos on the planet. It’s called and they will never post a video where animals are harmed or abused in any way shape or manner. The vid featured here is truly of one very happy dog.

Jobless Artist Lives In House Literally Made Of Money

An unemployed Irish artist, Frank Buckley, has built a ‘billion euro home’ from the shredded remains of decommissioned banknotes as a statement against the “madness” the single currency has wrought upon Ireland. The artist constructed the home using 1.4 billion euros ($1.82 billion) of useless notes. Buckley first began by creating mixed-media works of art using the paper medium, before progressing further and creating an entire apartment. Read the article on  Jobless Artist Lives In House Literally Made Of Money

Violinist Interrupted By Nokia Ringtone, Plays the Ringtone

We truly loved this video a total tribute to a man and his art. While Slovakian Violinist Lukas Kmit was performing at a Jewish Orthodox Synagogue in Presov a ringtone interrupted his recital. But rather than throwing a full-blown hissy-fit, Lukas simply turned the ringtone into a virtuoso performance. He played the ringtone then improvised off of it taking the audience by surprise and giving them something they will never forget. Lukas is truly Mr. Cool.

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