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Where Are You Going In Such a Hurry

It has been said in a variety of different ways and different languages that it is important to know before you go. My momma used to ask me “Where are you going in such a hurry?”  I think it was her way of telling me to slow down and not just run head-long into a brick wall. Much to her and my chagrin I kept on running until I got a little smarter. That little bit smarter is called planning. Making a plan was a foreign language to me – but like I said I got a little bit smarter. Now I even plan out my spontaneity (joke).

But in the world of public relations and marketing the strategic plan is all important and is the means for getting where you are going. Before you spend a penny, before you write one word – make a plan. Strategic Planning is an imperative must do. You need a game plan (have I said it enough now?).  Truly folks, the essence of your success will be your PR strat plan which speaking simply just determines where you or your organization is going and how to get there. It encompasses not only what you want to accomplish but how you will go about doing it.

We like to sit down with our clients and review their goals and vision. We then put together an overview of the plan of attack on how to best position, brand and improve the PR and marketing approach. From there specific public relations and marketing strategies and programs that align with and help implement that strategic plan are designed.

Check out this cool vid to help you get where you are going, even in a hurry.

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