JoTo In: Google, Dunkin’ and Russia

Google Gets a Plus

At the top of our JoTo In list this month is Google+. Google has not had much success in the social media world but boy they have really put together one neat product and peeps are clamoring to get in. Forget about Buzz. Forget about the Wave. Google+ is for reals. Promotion of Google+ has been largely word-of-mouth and the media started picking up on it. It is still in beta and you cannot get in without an invitation. Now how clever is that?  They are up to about 20 million and growing rapidly.


Are You Dunkin?

I am not much of a donut store aficionado but do like my occasional dunks. Even I must admit that the suits at Dunkin’ Brands (The parent of Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins) have been doing quite a job with all their marketing accomplishments including strong franchises and strong customer loyalty. The advertising efforts only play up to their strengths and strengthen them. The proof – well they just made quite a splash with their IPO jumping 47% on their first day,  investors pushed shares to $27.85, up from the $19 initial price. Hopefully they don’t suffer from Krispy Kreme fallout.

Russia Takes Gold at National Geographic World Championship

Kudos to the National Geographic brand for organizing such a competition!

Defeating teams from 16 other regions, Russia took top honors at the 10th National Geographic World Championship held today at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. Canada, the defending champion, came in second, and Chinese Taipei was third. The biennial competition, in which teams of students answer questions on physical, cultural and economic geography, is organized by the National Geographic Society. Google was the sponsor of this year’s contest.

Russia Takes Gold at National Geographic World Championship

Bill Gates calls for reinvention of toilet: Why?

Bill Gates may have given up running Microsoft, but he isn’t taking his retirement sitting down. The software-entrepreneur-turned-philanthropist’s charitable foundation has launched a new initiative aimed at improving the health of the billions of people who have no safe, sanitary way to get rid of their waste.

CNET: Revinvention of Toilet

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