.JoTo Extreme PR sets out to revolutionize PR strategies

Tackling perception problems regarding their own industry of PR, JoTo Extreme PR set out to change the way businesses got results with PR, through a highly-specialized market research technique piloted on the physical therapy industry.

JoTo Extreme PR is proud to announce the launch of very exact and unique market research technique that will enable companies to pinpoint the wants and needs of their target markets. Tested first on the physical therapy industry, the market research technique is able to aid the integration and development of more focused PR strategies, leading to far more accurate results and more business for their clients.

What spurred JoTo to incorporate this series of market research steps was when JoTo discovered that 84% of Inc. 5000 CEOs were never sure how [PR] was going to turn out.  “This told me a glaring awful truth,” said JoTo CEO Karla Jo Helms, “without market research, you could have the best bright idea, but when presented to your target market could bomb.”

Since that time, JoTo has been heavily involved in implementing market research on potential target markets before the PR campaigns were created.  The pilot, which JoTo initially focused on the physical therapy industry, has been proven to get results.   One market research client, Dr. Kevin J. McGovern, PT, CSCS, wanted to find out why people weren’t responding to his marketing campaigns.  His market research revealed the correct buttons to use as well as the preferred method of promotion. Results: upon execution of his new campaign, the number of calls into Kevin’s practice on a Monday had already equaled the amount of an entire week’s calls in recent past. In four weeks, patient visits increased by 83.33%.  “My promotion is definitely hitting the mark now,” stated McGovern.

JoTo is now set to transform the level of knowledge firms in any industry have about their customers, both existing and potential.  The past few years have seen massive changes in the way firms can interact with consumers and there have also been massive changes in what customers expect from companies.  Social media progress has revolutionized the world and there is a need for companies to understand and utilize the new paradigms in these media and channels.

“A PR campaign without this type of market research gives the appearance that PR is not predictable and one can’t always be successful with it,” Helms says.  “In this new economy, you have to know before you go.”

One of the issues about being cutting edge is that there is always the need for progress.  JoTo Extreme PR is continuing their research into streamlining market research and PR strategies for a wider range of industry professionals. This should materialize more opportunities for successful PR being available to all industries, regardless of size or nature.

The art of Public Relations is still hugely important for companies to use and JoTo Extreme PR says it hopes to set the bar when it comes to providing result-driven PR in the modern world.  With the word ‘JoTo’ being derived from Japanese meaning “excellent” or “the very best”, the company has a lot to live up to, but with its innovative look at PR and promise to continue developing new methods and strategies, JoTo Extreme PR seems more than capable of living up to its name.

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