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Put Your Best Foot Forward: No this is not the Hokey Pokey, but it can be just as much fun – it’s called public relations and it is your opportunity to dance with the public (your customers and potential customers and with the media.

So what is this stuff called public relations? There are massive textbooks that you can read; there are all kinds of courses and seminars you can take. You can also hire a PR professional to help guide your way. But what it comes down to is this – putting your best foot forward and keeping it there. That’s right my friends, it all comes down to having a really good conversation with your business brothers and sisters and having them praise your products not because they have to but because they want to. Indulge in the dance – you may lead your partner but he or she has to be willing – and effective public relations will create that environment.

It is not just about sending out a press release and praying the media will pick it up. It is about cultivating a relationship with a writer or reporter and getting them interested in what you are doing and willing to write about it.

It is about creating a relationship with your customers so that they review your restaurant or sanitation company or IT enterprise in such a positive way that others are beckoned to your operation.

Check out this company who got on the front page of the business section in the St. Pete Times…what do think putting this foot forward will do for their business?

Business networking ratchets up a few notches with BNI

Business networking ratchets up a few notches with BNI

Business Networking Ratchets Up a Few Notches with BNI: “Attorneys Kim Jacklin and Eric Feasley network before a recent weekly Business Networking International meeting. Each well-established chapter typically has 40 to 60 members, all in different professions or specialties so they can refer work to each other without fear of overlap.”

All the good press in the world will not cover up a shabby product. Sure it may sugar coat the slackers for a while but eventually that catches up with you.

The secret to good public relations starts with a good product or service. It does not have to be exciting or record breaking but it has to do what it is meant to do and do it well and the service behind it is the best in the world because you care about your customers and you care about what you are doing.

Getting the word out means just that. Write an article or press release, post on a blog, use social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Articles are a great way to create credibility and bring in new business. Your article should feature the benefits of your product or service, highlight what you personally have experienced – the good, the bad and the ugly on your road to success. Describe how you overcame the obstacles and use examples including a case study on a happy customer or client.

Good public relations means that you let the world know about your product by telling stories – NOT marketing or advertising. Today’s multitudinous media opportunities are at your beck and call. From floating a vid on YouTube and watching it go viral to throwing a party, PR is scalable to your operation. When you are starting out sometimes you think that you have to do everything and ofttimes that is true. But when it comes to promoting your business, turning to a professional might save you money in the long run. Plus as you know as a specialist in what you do, turning to another pro who knows what they are doing could be the more affordable and effective answer – how much are you losing by not properly publicizing your business right now?


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