JoTo Bowl – the PR take on the 2012 Super Bowl Commercials


Our JoTo-ites (Diane, Allyson, Paul, Karla Jo and Larry have watched the 2012 Super Bowl commercials from beginning to end and then then from end to beginning to make their decisions and observations. That’s right folks we watched them inside out and outside in and let’s check the score and the penalties.

Score aka Fave!

Diane – tie score between Hyundai and Budweiser with Rocky and Bud’s We Go locked in sudden death overtime! Both commercials were inspirational and creative. Rocky was funny and aligns with the Hyundai being a “can do” company.  The doggie one, I really strongly believe in rescue dogs, was the clincher for me as they put a link to the site where you adopt rescue dogs! Hyundai and Bud score!

Paul – Hyundai’s Rocky rocked! We all liked it so much – our enthusiasm was infectious (Great PR).

Alyssa– Bud’s We Go commercial – Bud Light made it a point to do something nice for rescue dogs – they really hit the homerun on that one. (Note: For every “like” this commercial gets, Budweiser is donating $1.00 to help rescue dogs up to $250,000.

Larry – No one here agrees with me but I really dug Clint Eastwood in the Chrysler piece. I just felt it as an honest appraisal of things and very inspirational. No, it was not full of jokes and trying to be funny, but dang I actually felt patriotic and applauded after it was over. As for the Rocky song in Hyundai, I felt it was done before – Intel and GE come to mind. I did not find it original but yeah it was fun! Oh and I did enjoy the M&M commercial. But then again it had chocolate how can I not like chocolate.

Karla Jo – Hyundai Rocky – because it was up, inspirational and embodied the American spirit. I really dug it!

Official Hyundai Big Game Commercial featuring Rocky Theme Song:

Bud Light – “Here We Go” Rescue Dog:

Halftime in America: OFFICIAL Chrysler Super Bowl 2012 Commercial:

Penalty Yardage AKA Least Fave!

Diane, Paul and KJ – Clint Eastwood commercial – did not inspire us, was too political, too down – the message wasn’t really clear – it did not uplift – I got what they were trying to do, but it did not reflect the American can-do attitude.

Alyssa – the movie trailers – I was more interested in the funny commercials.  People want funny.

Larry – See I told you I was alone on my faves choice but I stand by it even if the rest of the folks hated it. Guess I am a bit old-school. J Go Daddy was my least favorite. I cannot believe they even run those ads. (wink) They seem to be addressed to 12 year old boys.

Lesson Learned from this Survey:

When it comes to the Super Bowl the expectation is FUNNY – they look for funny commercials – you get real fun creative commercials and that is the ethnic – I think the reason the Clint Eastwood one did not go over well with our group – in another setting, in another venue, with another purpose, it would have been great and might have gone over better – like 60 Minutes, or a new program, or a documentary about the USA, the History Channel, a Veterans’ event, etc.  NOTE:  I bet you can do a study and find that the MOST successful commercials of all time would have taken into the account the venue, the target market at the venue AND the mindset of the target market AT the venue – the mindset is key in whether something will be accepted or rejected, interesting food for thought. (Note from Larry – ball games are the most patriotic event most Americans ever go to. I think was the perfect place to show Halftime – it resonated).

BTW here is a neat article on how to use PR in event promotions to make it sizzle: The Best Spots of Super Bowl XLVI

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