IT News: App benefits advertisers and consumers | Tampa Bay Business Journal

SmartphoneBy Jo-Lynn Brown, Editorial Assistant – Tampa Bay Business Journal
Free app created to give feedback on advertising and perks to consumers sounds too good to be true, but true it is.

Clearwater-based MobAdWin LLC launched its “MAW” app for Android and iOS users in October and it is seeing a slow and steady reception…

MAW, or Mobile Advertisement Win-Win – check out the website here – does not take a cut on the coupons, promotions or freebies offered by businesses, which advertise with the app. The app does not screen Internet traffic or install cookies, and consumers always remain in control of their information, Dammous said.

The goal of the app is to get constructive feedback about mobile advertising, and reward consumers for their time, not to gather, sell or utilize private information. Consumers can download the app for free, fill in a profile used to establish demographic data for the businesses and begin providing feedback.
via the Tampa Bay Business Journal

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