How PR saved a client 100,000.00

bag_of_money.png.scaled500.pngWe just saved a client a $100,000.00 costly mistake.  True Story.  I have to brag; this was a big enough deal to write about.

In PR, we utilize a unique market research technique that will enable companies to pinpoint the wants and needs of their target markets – BEFORE launching a costly PR campaign.  This is the way PR should be done folks!  Flying blind is never a good idea – especially in today’s New Economy.

The real deal:  One of our clients was about to spend $100,000.00 on a gym to service an increasing population of a specific-type demographic in his area.  This facility would have extended hours, onsite professionals to work with this ever-increasing target market, a ton of special equipment, showers, etc. – the whole gamut.

But he was smart…he did market research service first.  And he found out how much his prospective clientele did NOT want that facility or service.  But the savings did not stop there – his market research revealed what his prospective clientele would want – and it is SO NOT WHAT HIS COMPETITION THINKS IT IS!

So while his competition is promoting all the wrong messages and spending money on costly mistakes, he is about to launch a new business plan based on KNOWN data.  Because despite knowing what NOT to do, we were able to create a PR and marketing strategy to help him get more business based on what his prospective clients said they DO need and want!

Marketing in any economy requires precision, which necessitates useful marketing intelligence and research in order to get the market penetration and sales you need. We are talking about Smart Marketing, marketing that taps the input of users, media and employees to build an effective campaign.  To watch a short market research video click here.

The relationship of public relations to marketing is very important when it comes to knowing who your target market is and what they are searching for.  More often than not a product or service provides a solution to a problem that people are seeking and somehow enhances their lives one form or another.  For these reasons and more, market research is a very integral part of creating a successful PR campaign.

A PR professional that knows their job is aware that you really need to find out what people think about your industry, your product, and what they already think of you so you can gauge your entry point to a PR campaign and properly influence the minds of people to get them thinking the way that you want them to.

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