Don’t Blindly Follow Trends – Market Research is Critical

follow-blindlyAre you a company trying (and maybe failing) to address the needs and concerns of the public?

Many organizations tend to embrace hot trends without considering how it benefits their target public, leaving their expectations unmet. Just following a current trend does not mean you will be successful – every company, business, every organization needs market research to pinpoint what consumers really want.

In order to have a strategy that gets marketing penetration and sales volume, you need to know what the mindset is of your target consumers. So it’s in your company’s best interest to find out what the mindset is of your consumers and clients before starting a PR campaign – and the way you do that is with marketing research.
Marketing research is how you obtain pertinent and useful information – information that, if not obtained, could cost you tens, hundreds or thousands of dollars – maybe even millions.

Case in point:

According to the results of a recent Google survey, Before-Christmas sales—Do you believe the discounts are genuine?, a little over 70 percent of 1500 American internet users polled answered “no” to that question.

According to David Rawlings, the British marketing expert who commissioned the survey, this information is useful for businesses deciding how aggressive to be in their Christmas sales promotions, both this year and in future years. The survey suggests retailers risk losing credibility with potential customers by starting their Christmas sales in mid-December (1).

The bottom line is if you don’t have marketing research, you won’t know what your target market needs, wants, likes or what they respond to. Using a blanket advertisement or marketing tactic will do nothing to benefit you or the consumer – and will most likely negatively impact your reputation among consumers. But that can easily be avoided by taking advantage of marketing research, a key factor in how JoTo PR is able to continue bringing our clients stellar results.

  1. “Marketing Survey Finds 70% of Americans Believe.” N.p., 26 Dec. 2013. Web. 23 Jan. 2014.

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