Consumer Demand Influenced by Publicity & PR

automotive_newsIncreasing and more sophisticated customer demands are forcing companies to adopt new business models and deploy advanced technologies to help improve productivity and better leverage financial resources (1) –

further demonstrating the fact that consumers dictate and drive the market. But what influences consumers opinions? Publicity & PR speaks to the public and tells them what they to buy via an expert viewpoint – and businesses would do well to recognize the potential power connected to publicity.

Even though a target market of a company may not be a “business-to-consumer” market, the ultimate receiver of any technology is always the consumer.  JoTo PR, on behalf of client, Open Dealer Exchange, LLC (ODE), recently released news to the media that introduced ODE’s Digital Deal™, an electronic method of streamlining the auto-buying process. As a company dealing with the currently paper-laden auto industry, ODE chose to establish itself as a thought leader by recognizing the fact that automation drives customer satisfaction and confidence by speeding up and standardizing fair lending practices. Not only does ODE’s Digital Deal™ benefit the auto industry in which it operates, it also lends itself to the most important factor of all – the consumer – by ultimately protecting the consumer against unfair loan practices and providing better stabilization of the American economy overall.

The news release garnered 1,345 online pickups, which Team JoTo attributes to publicity’s ability to help drive performance in a customer-centric marketplace. Several additional media interviews were lined up for ODE and interest was generated from one of their major lending prospects, due to the potential of increase in consumer want for a digital process that lowered the buying time in the dealership.

So, what does Publicity & PR mean for businesses?  It equals bottom-line success and direct communication with many publics, in addition to your target markets.

What you can expect from positive publicity is a higher return on investment for your marketing dollars, lowered cost per lead and an augmented value for your business because you will have the consumer’s trust – the sum of which increases your credibility and your familiarity and also makes the sales process easier to close, thereby contributing to the growth of your business.

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