Chargebacks911 Creates Card Dispute Solution for Online Merchants

JOTO PR LOGOJoTo PR client, Chargebacks911, addresses the imbalance in the ecommerce industry caused by unscrupulous charge disputes.

JoTo PR recently distributed a press release on behalf of Tampa Bay-based Chargebacks911, a dispute mitigation company that handles card disputes that have graduated to being chargebacks. The release was picked up 441 times and additional interviews were set up with the client for future media stories.

Chargebacks occur when a consumer demands a refund directly from their credit card company – rather than the merchant – which then removes the funds from a merchant’s account and transfers it back to the buyer. While chargebacks were created to protect from fraudulent merchants or identity thieves, they have now become an ever-present thorn in merchants’ sides, sometimes causing severe financial strain.
Monica Eaton-Cardone, co-founder of Chargebacks911, experienced chargebacks firsthand during her years spent as an online retailer – one particular incident stands out in Eaton-Cardone’s mind: she found herself facing the end of her retail business due to chargebacks, despite having just celebrated her company’s most profitable month yet.

“With just a few days left in the month, I received a call from the credit card processor.  We had been in contact with the bank over what I believed was a technical glitch.  Our sales transactions had not been deposited into our bank account for several days, and I was expecting confirmation that the problem had been corrected.  Instead, I was told that there was actually no technical issue at all; we would not be receiving the money at all, because 13 of the thousands of sales we had processed that month had resulted in chargebacks—a term with which I was unfamiliar at the time.  Consequently, our merchant processing account was going to be closed.”-Monica Eaton-Cardone

Eaton-Cardone recounted her trials and tribulations with chargebacks, which led to her putting her experience to good use by converting her retail company into Chargebacks911 to help fellow merchants learn from her missteps in card disputes.
At JoTo PR, we make it a habit in every campaign to secure credible and quality placements for our clients. As a former online retailer herself, Eaton-Cardone has become a known expert in the industry. She, along with the help of Team JoTo, has founded a niche as a result – and has had the foresight to ensure she is in the news continuously.

Eaton-Cardone has adopted the JoTo belief that by providing the media with stories that improve their reader-, viewer- or listenership, they not only get more subscribers and sell more advertising, but you also get the profitable images necessary to develop your business. By doing so, you expand the radius in which you can do business – making any surrounding competition a non-factor.

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