Awesome PR Campaign: Proctor & Gamble Hits a PR Home Run

PG-300x200Want to see an outstanding example of an effective public relations campaign?  Check out the way Proctor & Gamble honors and respects its target market—Moms.  This is “JoTo In” – for sure!

Warning: you are going to have to bring out the tissues – these campaigns pull on the heart strings and are real tear jerkers…but you’re going to LOVE it.

Here’s one example:

And another:


This campaign also profiles some of the Moms of the athletes:

I applaud this brilliant campaign because it:

  • Pays tribute to the mothers worldwide whose tireless dedication to their sons and daughters was crucial to those children becoming Olympic athletes.
  • Employs the perfect mix of emotions–extreme pride, excitement for your child, unconditional love and so much more—that resonate with parents worldwide.
  • Represents several nationalities, in a unifying approach.
  • Puts a human face on home care products.
  • Reinforces its Olympic sponsorship in a subtle yet logical way.  (Full disclosure: P&G is a sponsor of Yahoo! Olympics coverage.)
  • Has been written about online in publications targeted to Moms, such as Shine by Yahoo!
  • Was designed to endure beyond the Olympics and become an ongoing campaign.  The program’sFacebook page claims “P&G is the proud sponsor of Moms” and invites followers to “Join us in saying ‘Thank You, Mom.’”  For example, P&G encouraged conversations during the entertainment awards season with this post: “’Like’ if you would include your mom in your acceptance speech!”

Numbers Tell the Story

The campaign’s analytics attest to the program’s success:

  • The Facebook page “Thank you, Mom by P&G” has netted than 736,000 “Likes” and more than 8,800 are talking about it online.
  • P&G developed lots of related videos and posted them under the “Thank You Moms” tab on their YouTube page.  The “Raising an Olympian: Gabrielle Douglas” video has been viewed more than 2,495,550 times and prompted more than 1,000 viewers to post a comment.

In case you want to see it again (I watched it over and over – it’s that good!):

So hat’s off to P&G, the proud sponsor of MOM.  This is some of the most brilliant and creative PR work that I have ever seen.

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